Three body treatment rooms are located in the same wing with the private sauna. We are offering a range of classical massages as well as different Shindo techniques



Deep tissue and muscle massage are performed by a trained practitioner. It goes beyond a light touch and includes deeper pressure and more manipulation to reach the muscles and tissues to a deeper level, where the entire muscle is affected. Studies show that deep tissue massage has physical and mental benefits in relieving pain and reducing stress. Deep tissue massage affects the soft tissues of the musculoskeletal system – the muscles, tendons and fascia, as well as ligaments. The focus is on solving problems arising from these tissue structures; for example, when there is a feeling of tension, pain, stiffness, limited mobility or other characteristic ailments – including problems related to injuries and postural disorders.

  • Classic deep tissue massage – from the head down the back to the buttocks (45 min) €45.
  • Partial massage – from the neck down the back to the soles of the feet (20 min) €25.
  • Relaxing massage (60 min) €45


Thai massage is a somewhat painful deep-tissue massage that releases tension and evokes the right state of mind for meditation – during the massage, you can’t think of anything else than just following the feeling that the therapist is creating in you. During a Thai massage, not only the skin and muscles are massaged. The massage will go into deeper layers – joints, bones, energy lines and points, and the internal organs are also massaged to release tension stored in the body. The entire body is covered, many pressure points are pressed, and several stretching movements are done from the tips of the toes to the scalp and the tip of the nose – from the back and front.

The Thai massage technique consists of stretching exercises similar to yoga, along with techniques of reflexotherapy and treatment of energy lines. By pressing different points of the energy lines on the body, the body is cleared of various blocks and the free flow of energy along the body’s energy lines is restored. In the process of the massage, the body has the chance to get rid of toxins and excess fluid. Massage normalises the blood and lymph circulation.

During the massage, you concentrate deeply, which is an important therapeutic factor. You may also fall into a deep sleep during the therapy (this is completely normal). Thai massage is performed on a mat on the floor: The masseur/masseuse kindly asks you to wear comfortable sportswear – definitely not jeans, a suit or a dress.

  • 1 h 50 €
  • 1,5 h 65 €
  • 2 h 80 €
  • 0,5 h foot massage 30 €

Masseurs: Andres Kert


  • for one: facial treatment and classic massage €81
  • for the other: classic massage and facial treatment €81


  • Stretching Shindo exercises for one (75 min) = 50 €
  • Stretching Shindo exercises for two (90 min) = 70 €
  • Shindo massage for hands and feet (30 min) = 25 €
  • Shindo hand massage (20 min) = 15 €
  • Shindo massage for feet (20 min) = 15 €

Masseurs: Heldi Aia

Shindo is a set of healing body exercises that originate from Japan. It is based on the knowledge that is many thousands years old, but also on the most recent knowledge about human anatomy and physiology. Different states related to the lack of balance, such as stress, depression, muscle and emotional stress, disrupt the natural vitality of a human being.

Shindo approaches a human being a whole, in which every single organ and energy channel should fulfil a specific task. Shindo stretching can help to achieve balance of body and mind and free the body and mind from the accumulated physical and emotional stress.

With the help of stretching, meridians, or energy channels, are maintained in the opened state. The flow of liquids and energies in the body improves, in the result of which the body manages to remove toxins, which cause various diseases, much faster.

The massage is given through clothing on a floor mat. Please dress in sportswear.


  • Foot and leg massage (30 min) €30
  • Head massage – face, head, neck (30 min) €25

Masseurs: Aulis Pärnpuu ja Andres Kert

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