Seminars, meetings or ceremonial gatherings

The Mäetaguse manor complex offers the best opportunities for holding seminars and parties – 4 halls of different sizes give you the possibility to use one or combine them.

Different halls in the manor house and vineyard, accommodation for 50 people, healthy catering, a warm bathhouse with two 25 m swimming lanes, an 18+ silent sauna area, and a nearby disc golf course. The Selisoo hiking trail is not far from here.

Mansion’s Ballroom

The Ballroom on the 2nd floor of Mäetaguse main building, which can be used for holding seminars, can accommodate 70 people in the theatre style and up to 30 people in the U-shape style. The spacious hall has three exits to adjacent halls and a small balcony. The adjacent fireplace lounge is suitable for coffee breaks.

The Ballroom and the fireplace lounge can be rented for at least 5 hours.

The price for 5 hours is 500 €, every additional hour costs 40 €

Mansion White Hall

The White Hall in the main building of Mäetaguse manor house complex is located on the 2nd floor, next to the ballroom. The White Hall can accommodate 13 people in the round-table-style, and it is suitable for smaller meetings or even business lunches. Near the White Hall, there is the exhibition hall, where coffee breaks can be held. The windows in the White Hall open up to the backyard of the main building, and you can also enjoy its beauty from a spacious balcony.

We can rent the White Hall out for at least 5 hours.

  • The price for 5 hours is 150 € / every additional hour costs 20 €
  • The total price for the White Hall and the exhibition hall is 290 € / every additional hour costs 35 €

It is also suitable for holding smaller festive occasions, anniversaries, and weddings. Up to 15 people can sit around the table.

Historical Vodka Ganary

The VODKA BARN, which has recently been renovated, as if has been specially created for holding private events or intimate celebrations!

The historical building has recently acquired a new shape and content. In the 19th century, vodka was made at the distillery located a couple of hundred metres away from the liquor barn, which was stored in the barrels as tall as a man. Throughout the whole year, vodka was produced at the distillery, and in winter, it was transported to Saint Petersburg on horses.

At present, in addition to renting out the room, we are also planning to organise concerts here. This room accommodates 40-50 people. The room has a bar counter and WC. This is a great opportunity to offer a new venue for holding celebrations and seminars for the guests of Ida-Virumaa.

The price for 5 hours is 390 €, every additional hour costs 50 €

2nd floor of the Vine Storehouse

On the second floor of the historic and newly restored Vine Storehouse of Mäetaguse Manor, there is a nice open space for holding seminars, team training, workshops or board meetings! We have 20 comfortable beanbag chairs to offer a more relaxed atmosphere and a chilled experience!

Those who wish can practise yoga, gymnastics or Shindo massage exercises. The place is also suitable as a venue for retreats and fasting camps.

A staircase leads up to the storehouse’s second floor, which provides a large open space and a toilet with a shower cabin.

The price for 5 hours is 290 €, every additional hour costs 30 €

The second floor of the Vine Storehouse is not used during the winter period.

The Fireplace Lounge

The Fireplace Lounge is located in the building of the former mill at the end of the 1st accommodation wing of Mäetaguse manor house hotel. It is really great to relax here in the evenings, warmed up by the fire in the fireplace. Here you can hold:

  • smaller birthday celebrations and family events
  • small seminars and business meetings
  • leisure activities (crystal workshop, ceramics, silk painting, block printing, etc.)
  • romantic dinners for two, in the candlelight

The Fireplace Lounge is meant for up to 12 people. The lounge can be booked in advance, and silent hours start at 11:00 pm. You must not come to the fireplace lounge (just like to any other hotel rooms) with your own food and drinks.

The price is 60 €/ 1,5h, every additional hour costs 30 €

Since many customers rent the fireplace lounge together with the private sauna, the price altogether is 135 €. The additional hour is 75 €

Cabinet Room

The Mäetaguse Manor Hotel & SPA will inspire small teams and those holding meetings with a new seminar room located in the spa wing of the manor hotel. The room is designed for a maximum of 12 people. There is a screen, a data projector and a flipchart. The tables are arranged in a T-shape.

The hotel’s Cabinet Room can be rented for a minimum of 5 hours. We also cover coffee breaks in the cabinet room; lunches are held in the hotel restaurant – there is no need to walk between two buildings.

The price for 5 hours is 150 €, every additional hour costs 20 €

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