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Mäetaguse von Rosen spa recommends to all people travelling in the group, be it seminars, meetings, team trainings, or other trips, to fill their free time with some interesting activities.
We have been doing hard work in order to provide you with a different type of leisure activities as compared to the ones you are accustomed to. Doing something together offers great emotions and helps to remember the time spent together with your friends forever.

Ida-Viru land of adventures

A land of adventure is a place with Estonia’s most exciting adventures, for example, underground (Mining Museum), on a hill (Kiviõli Adventure Center), on the water (Aidu Waterland), in the treetops (Alutaguse Adventure Park), and on the border (Narva). Here can be found the longest beaches in Estonia (Narva-Jõesuu, Peipsi), the highest cliff (Ontika), and more. Ida-Virumaa is a land of adventure.

Cutting-edge entrepreneurs work here under the umbrella of the tourism cluster to market their beautiful and exciting area and create new adventures.

Cool & easy cocktail tutorials

Hanno’s cocktail tutorials are entertaining and easy to follow. The guests do not get the cocktail in a fine glass as usual, but they themselves pour the ingredients into the jar, put on the lid and shake it for at least 10 seconds. Upon opening the lid, a pleasant surprise awaits each guest – a delicious cocktail made by their own hands.

Our guests can choose between three different tutorials:

  • Gin cocktails – This package includes three different collins (classic, cucumber and spicy mango).
    The price is €27 per person
  • Mojito cocktails – Here, you learn to prepare three different mojitos (classic, raspberry and cucumber). There are dozens of mojito options. If the guests want, for example, another taste, it can be agreed upon in advance.
    The price is €30 per person
  • Classic cocktails – The world of cocktails is vast and wide. For this tutorial, Hanno has initially selected three of the most famous cocktails: whiskey sour, margarita and cosmopolitan.
    The price is €28 per person

Cocktail tutorial price starting from €270 for a group of 10 people

Throwing weapons & archery

For those who don’t know yet: thanks to the municipality of Alutaguse, a local company has at its disposal one of the most powerful indoor arenas for axe-throwers and archers in Europe, maybe even the largest for axe-throwing in the world. It is located a 5-minute walk from the hotel.

The building is located in Mäetaguse, and can be used by everyone interested. Thanks to volunteers, one insulated training room is ready today – with eight throwing stands and a full-length archery and shooting range in the main hall.

The first World Axe-Throwing Championship took place on 25 January 2020 at Mäetaguse.

Price starting from 200 €

Group of 15 people 1h 200 € I 1,5h 280 €

Disc golf

Mäetaguse manor hotel brings the joy of disc-golf to its customers – the disc-golf square is located on the edge of the manor house park right near the hotel. Disc-golf is most often played by seminar participants.

This is a game, in which you have to throw a special frisbee with as few throws as possible into the disc golf basket. The principles of this game were developed in the 1970s in the USA. The winner is the player who goes through all of the lanes with the smallest number of throws!

Mäetaguse has a disc-golf park with 9 lanes. The lanes run through the historical manor house park!

Using lanes is free of charge for everyone.

  • Discs can be rented at the reception of the hotel or the bathhouse!
  • Price:  1€ / disc (3 h)
  • This game is manageable for everyone!

For groups, we offer the services of an instructor to lead the game 12 €/person.

  • The minimum size of the group is 6 people.
  • The instructor will lead the game
  • Disc golf discs are included

NB! The disc rental service is provided upon presentation of an identity document!

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